How many minutes, texts, and data do YOU use on your phone?

Just out of curiosity, how much service do YOU use every month, what plan are you on, and how much do you pay for it? Also it would be great if you could include what phone you have and how you use your phone.

For me, I just switched to Ting (Sprint MVNO) on my old Evo 4G and I'm on 100 minutes, 100 texts, and 100 megs of data plan ($15/month). 20 days into the billing cycle, I've used 64 minutes, 24 texts, and 12 megs of data.

I mostly stay on Wifi, keep my music locally, and I downloaded my city's Google Map data onto my phone. I mostly use data for directions and for when I really need it, so I'm a pretty light data user.