Why has Apple temporarily lost the X-Factor? Because it's too scared to try.

I must admit, I'm the typical example of an average Apple Fanboy. I have a mac, I have an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Tv, and so on. No, but this doesn't make an apple fanboy does it? Rather, it's my willingness to stick to all things Apple, to defend it to absolute strangers, to vilify THAT Korean Company, and in general just to espouse everything that's all so holy in Cupertino.

Like many in the Apple Community though, I have become disillusioned. iOS 5 came out. Wasn't so great. I waited. I thought that iOS 6 would make things right. 'Lo and Behold it brought a new maps apps that show up distorted lady liberties and broken bridges and a new toggle in the settings bar. I was pissed. Now I realise that Apple by no means has to agree with this niche tech community. Let's face it, our demands of advanced features just aren't congruous with the actual and wider public.

Now the prevailing opinion of this is that Apple's just being lazy. That they've had such grand progress in the past years that they're content to sit on their arse and just watch the tech world go by. They are content with their own past laurels.Both you and know that's utter crap. With 120 odd billion in their coffers, it's unlikely that they would sit back. They know what happens when you do. Look at Blackberry or Nokia.

No. I think they are innovating somewhere, hidden in their top secret labs. But they're too scared to bring it out. Why? they're afraid they'll tarnish their image of perfection. You see, companies like Samsung or LG or google have been known for their shoddy product quality in the past. Samsung until now was that Korean company that makes plastic phones. Android, until Ice Cream Sandwich, was that OS that had lagging systems and were more for full-time tweakers and emerging markets that couldn't afford the latest Apple Tech. Criticism aside, there's an upside to this. These companies don't have the god-like reputation to maintain. They don't have those expectations. And so not only can they innovate, but when they innovate they can bring it out to the public even though it may be gimmicky. But hey at least it's still progress. Look at google glass. It came out of the blue. No one expected Google to do this. But when google did, dang did it blow away expectations. Look there's the future of mobile computing.

I think the same thing could apply to Samsung's S-gimmicks. Smart-pause, smart-stay are all gimmicks the tech world says. But I still say it's progress. I take my hat off to Samsung that it's trying. Sure it may not work right sometimes. Sure it may be inaccurate. But it's still progress and you know what? Samsung's not trying to hide behind the veil of perfection. It doesn't have a reputation to maintain that Apple does. And so not only can it innovate but bring them out to the public quickly.

Apple's like that proverbial kid in high school that we all said would grow up to be president or would be someone big. Why? Because he was bloody smart. But that smartness got to his head. And so when the next challenge comes up, he doesn't want to risk anything. He doesn't want to take part in that competition because he's scared to try. What happens if he loses? He'll lose that image. He'll lose that label of "smart." Eventually though, if he continues down the same path he'll be too scared to do anything. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Eventually, he really will lose his label of "smart". His achievements will merely become memory.

Apple isn't out of it. It's not even close. Sure it's not the power it once was but you know what? It can be. It just needs to try.