Galaxy S4 v HTC One v Xperia Z v Nexus 4 (which is the one for you?)

Just a quick comparison, and question, for people looking to get an Android flagship in the near future. The comments below are general impressions from reading reviews Etc., and I'm not suggesting they are definitive.

Screen size / Phone Size (weight is pretty similar for all)

GS4 - 136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9mm (5in screen)

One - 137.4mm x 68.2mm x 9.3mm (4.7in screen)

XpZ - 139mm x 71mm x 7.9mm (5in screen)

N4 - 133.9mm x 68.7mm x 9.1mm (4.7in screen)

Look and feel

GS4 - Poor design for a flagship, feels good in hand

One - Great design, feels good in hand

XpZ - Good design, some seem to find its angular shape uncomfortable

N4 - Average design, feels good in hand


GS4 - Yet to be tested, but is removable

One - Mixed reviews, seems overall to be ok, non removable

XpZ - Consensus seems average to poor, non removable

N4 - Average to poor, non removable (in my personal experience is quite poor)


GS4 - Up to 64gb + Up to 64gb micro sd

One - Up to 64gb - not expandable

XpZ - Up to 16gb + Up to 32gb micro sd

N4 - Up to 16gb - not expandable


Probably not a huge deal of difference in the great scheme of things, all should be very quick

Updates (I may be wrong about this part)

GS4 - Probably fasted of non-stock phones, and seem to support phones for a long time (e.g. I have JB on my GS2)

One - Better than Sony but worse than Samsung? As I said may be wrong about that

XpZ - Worst of the non-stock based on track record?

N4 - Quickest to be updated as stock

UI (for me this isn't such a big deal as will use a launcher)

GS4 - Outdated looks, feature overload, but some neat stuff too

One - Sense 5 looks better, but still not where it should be

XpZ - Closest to stock, but very uninspiring and dull look

N4 - Stock, but stock itself still needs improvements...though you get updated straight away

So which will you go for?

I'm ruling out the Z, too big, poor screen compared to One/S4 and while I like the design I've seen a few reviewers say it's not comfortable. GS4 would be a shoe in if it had the One design, but because it doesn't will also consider the One. Regarding the Nexus 4, if they bring out a 32gb version may consider it, but by this point I'm tired of the design, think it's actually fairly uninspiring.

Hmmmm....tough choice.