Are Touch Screen Laptops a gimmick like 3D-TVs?

Even as a casual observer, you couldn't have failed to notice that when 3D hit TVs, it was touted as the best thing to happen to Audio-Visuals since slice bread. However, if you were to look at current market demand and CES 2013, you it became clear that all the big players did not put out new 3D-TVs neither did they push it as one of their displays main features. Instead, it was all about 4k screens.

The question now is; do you think touch screens, the main feature of windows 8 laptops is ever going to go mainstream? or will you say its a passing fad like 3D

Do you think Apple has a superior approach (although not sure if they will go touch screens later), by focusing more on display; screen resolution, display angles and color production just like TV manufacturers and content providers are now on about 4K screens

or do you think it should be marriage of the two approaches?

Thoughts pls?