Looks Like the whole tech world except Samsung want to destroy this Abomination of a Phone..


via www.filmcritic.com

HTC, LG, Nokia, Apple everyone is mocking at GS 4, saying the software features are just pure gimmick and will never be used by a common user. And from a general view, when we have CM10, who really cares about touchWiz and its gimmicks?

The whole tech world seems to be hating Samsung's plastic, when they were all expecting a device with a standout design. But what ultimately came out was the same crappy designed GS3, with hardware upgrades.

Yes, SGS4 will be the only high end phone which is going to support removable back cover & Memory card, but honestly speaking how much of these things are important when compared to design aesthetics of a premium priced phone?

Was Samsung so dumb and was not expecting all this Backlash? or they were really so dumb following Apple's strategy of copying themselves?