SGS4- Not Designed for You

If you're reading this, then you are one of a few thousand that:

Love technology. Read reviews of all gadgets before buying them. Spend time suggesting devices for family and friends. Etcetera....

You are clearly a minority. A small, though vocal community. Yet, you comprise only a fraction of sales in the global picture. This is simply a fact. I'm sure none of us would dispute that, right?

Now, with that out the way....

The Samsung Galaxy S4.


This device has so many fans, haters and tech journalists in such a stupefied rage; or have them simply scratching their heads.

'How could Samsung rehash the same plastic phone?!'

And yet....everyone knows the answer:




C'mon, what did you expect? In our heart, we all kind of had the feeling that Samsung would keep using its plastic and after the leaks, that the design would be similar.

Thing is, people's expectations were the problem. Check out Vlads article.

I do wonder this though: Why do you all care so much about the Galaxy S4 being designed in a similar way to last years phone and why do you have such a problem with plastic?

Personally, I think I understand an extent.

A new design would definitely have made it seem as though it justified an upgrade. A new look is always a good thing. It's cool bragging about how cool my phone looks.

The materials used seem to be the bigger issue. Plastic.

After seeing the HTC One, everyone was smitten. That aluminum Truly a thing of beauty right? I've owned an aluminum phone before. The Motorola Devour.

Its smooth finish, heft and feel screamed premium. Too bad it turned out to be one of the worst purchases of my life.

Point is this, premium feel doesn't equal good phone. Not to say that will be the case with the One. I'm sure its probably pretty good.

So why the plastic hate; the disgust?

Are your TVs made of aluminum? Your entire car? Most computers? Headphones?

This brings me back to my point; the title of the post.

This phone wasn't designed for you. It was made for the millions upon millions of people who couldn't care less about plastic or aluminum that they plan on replacing in a couple of years. These phones are expensive, but their not jewelry. Consumer electronics are easily replaced and forgotten.

It seems as though many are mad with the simple realization that Samsung is going to continue crushing HTC and that it isn't fair.

Well, tough. Go donate money to HTC and help them with their marketing campaign if you want the tables to turn.

I too wish Samsung had used a different design. Hell, it would have been cool to see them use a single block of plastic/polycarbonate like Nokia. (No removable battery then though...)

Despite how we feel though, this phone is going to sell, and sell well. The b****ing and moaning isn't going to change a thing. It doesn't make your purchase any better. Are you honestly going to lose sleep over this?

If you agree with me, cool.

If not, that's cool too.

Or maybe....

You're like me and waiting on what Motorola/Google has up its sleeve....