Apple Users: how do you feel about the "brand"?

While this post will probably seem like a big troll, it's not, I'm genuinely interested.

Full disclosure (and so you can tear me apart if necessary...Galaxy S2 user likely to move to GS4 or HTC One, Windows 8 laptop, use an iPad occasionally though it's my girlfriend's not actually mine).

These are just my feelings about the brand, and I'm based in the UK so it's likely perceived differently elsewhere.

When I was growing up in the 80s/90s/early 00s Apple had a real mystique to it, the products were basically the preserve of "cool" people and techies, and indeed an average guy like me didn't even know anyone with Apple gear.

The iPod changed that of course, but not necessarily in a bad way, it wasn't a sea-change.

The iPhone really changed things though and for obvious reasons, it was such an amazing easy to use product that it went mass market straight away. So what happened next was to some degree unavoidable, and is simply my perception that you're entitled to disagree with.

In my eyes there were two things, the attitude of Apple and the type of user. It got to the point (and it's still the same now), where if you knew a 50-something marketing manager or salesman, completely straight laced and with no interest in knew almost for a fact that they had an iPhone in their pocket.

With the advent of the iPad the brand has gone even further that way. My grandmas have them, my aunts have them, my parents have them. Anyone with no interest in or knowledge of tech has Apple products. I'll go out with 10 friends and they'll be at least 8 iPhones round the table Etc. and most of them will have no concept of other OSes.

Now I know you'll shout 'that's ageist' or 'elitist'. And perhaps it is to some extent, but it's also relevant to brands who carefully cultivate their images. We all judge things differently and not always logically. There'd be a lot less ferrari's sold if their main customers were church-going 70 yr old women. It's not pretty and it's not logical, but it's very human.

The second point is Apple's attitude in general. The adverts they run are almost to a tee hugely arrogant and incredibly annoying. It feels from a consumers point of view that we've had 6 or 7 years of Apple telling us how amazing and brilliant they are, and always with an air of aggression when it came to defending themselves. Even recently with Schiller's samsung comments...they can seem like the school bully. You know what they are amazing, but why not downplay it and let the products do the talking?

Now it's purely perception of course, and I'm not discussing the products here, but as a brand they're about as uncool (for want of a better word) as you can get. But yet they make cool amazing products. Take Google on the other hand, again rightly or wrongly, but they seem to have a more laid back approach to pushing themselves that's not so in your face, it's ridiculous but with Glasses et al they still manage to retain a little of that 'start-up feel'.

So if you made it through all of that, I guess what I'm saying to all you Apple owners, is disregarding the products somewhat, how do you feel about the brand itself and how it's changing? If you agree with anything I said, can Apple do anything to change it, or is it simply a result of mass market success?

Thanks for reading