so when are we going to see windows 8 laptops and desktops that are actually worth buying? is it ever going to happen?

title says it all? why are there no machines as pretty as the newest iMAC? what's up with the paucity of high res screens in the new laptops? what's up with the crappy track pads? can anyone OEM make something that is actually worth buying? i am talking about a W8 machine that makes you wanna spend the money and buy it with no hesitation.

surface pro is nice but neither thin enough to be portable tablet nor big enough to be laptop. helix is too small and too ugly. both are also too black and too expensive.

i want something as handsome and classy as the new iMAC or the new aluminum lenovo laptops but with windows 8 + full HD 1080 screen. will there ever be one?

finally, not related but is there an app for PC that serves the same purpose as selfcontrol app for MAC?