Tinfoil hat time folks

I have a theory, and unfortunately, short of a confession we'll likely never see for years can't prove it.

Let's start with a couple of proven facts:

1.) There have been paid shills or paid posters lurking about the internet for some time now, some have been outed in various forums, but let's admit the vast majority of them are never revealed.

2.) Samsung is a corporation acknowledged to be very aggressive in it's approach to everything, it's CEO has been twice pardoned by the president of N. Korea, once for bribery once for tax evasion. http://www.theverge.com/2012/11/30/3709688/samsung-25-years-lee-kun-hee

3.) Samsung has been complicit in fraudulent ads using actors and portraying them as real users of it's products.

And my theory: Samsung has (or one of it's ad agencies) has been systematically posting in tech forums inciting the "fanboy" fighting. I think the tech forums are particularly prone to being swayed by this type of "advertising" and I think we're all victims or it.

Of course most of the posts are "real", but it only takes a spark to start a fire, the "real" ads have been pretty blatant and if I may say, fairly savvy, the uncool people lined up for the Apple devices, while Samsung is managing to generate lines for it's own products, but they're cool, so it's ok to line up for Samsung devices.

I'd like to apologize for the tin foil hat, but I suspect it's very real. These are giant corporations and there are literally billions of dollars at stake.

Cliffs Notes: Your phone sucks, buy ours.


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