HTC One X Dead... Looking for next phone

This morning I woke up and saw that My HTC one X is not turning on.

Tried to power it on by pressing the power switch... Then check the LED while it is still plugged it..

The red LED was blinking so I thought that this is due to low charge. Left it there for a while and then turned it on in safe mode. It did turned on and was showing 2% battery. So I left it plugged in. Then it just died.

My previous ph was Galaxy S 2 and I was happy with it for one year. But after that the motherboard died and then the home button stopped working.

So guys.. I am fed up with all these smartphones..

Samsung .. A horrible experience after the warranty period is over. Spend around $200 to repair the motherboard but then it failed me again.

HTC One X ... Just 2-3 month old and I will probably send it to service center and gift it to someone.

I am using a “dumb” phone for past few months for my secondary phone ( Nokia X2). It gave me around 72hr battery backup but I need a good phone for emails, music and surfing.

I am asking your advice for a good reliable phone. All the tech site reviews are based on using the phone for 1-2 months. So they don't matter that much in terms of reliability.

I am thinking about Nokia or Apple. Previously I have used N73 and 6600. They both were great phones. And I have an iPad and I am pretty satisfied with it. I also loved the look of HTC One.

Pros for iPhone:

I have already invested on the ecosystem so I don't have to spend much.


File sharing. I really hate my iPad for this.

iPhone chamfer: its anodized aluminium casing has a tendency to scratch

Pros for Lumia 920:


Build quality.


WP8 (I hate it.)

Have to buy apps again.

So give your suggestions.. Also I am from India so have to pay the full price for the phone and that is like $800 for iPhone 5, $650 for Lumia 920 ...