How well does WP8 and W8 (or RT) work together?

Hi folks!

I'm an Apple user but I've always wanting to have experience with WP8 and Windows RT.

I saw the microsoft surface RT in one electronic store (in NZ) today and it looks gorgeous.

The design and the feel is top notch but it was a bit laggy when I kept switching the application.

Anyway, I'm just curious how well WP8 and W8 (or RT) work together.

As an Apple user, I know how iCloud works between iOS devices (or iOS devices and Mac computer).

Largely it works in:

  • Contacts (If I add new contact on my iPhone, it will be automatically saved in the cloud and then shows up on my iPad or Macbook contacts app)
  • Calendars & Reminders (If I already checked the notification from my calendars or reminders on my iPhone, it automatically stop ringing on my iPad or Macbook)
  • Notes
  • Safari (Bookmarks, Reading list and iCloud tab)
  • Photo Stream (Once I take a picture, it will be uploaded on Photo Stream automatically (Just like Skydrive) and if I delete some photos on Photo Stream, it will be deleted from every devices such as iPhones, iPads and Macs)
  • Documents & Data (Once I create a keynote on my macbook, it will show up on my iPhone and iPad Keynote app)
  • Find my iPhone(Mac or iPad)

These are all the apps(services) on iCloud and it works flawlessly. I don't need to even think about it as it just works.

Oh I forgot two of the most important features. iCloud Backup and iTunes match. iOS devices will backup automatically without telling me when they are needed to be backup. And the iTunes match service is really handy. I can listen to any songs on my iOS or Mac devices. Even on my friends' devices as long as I login with my ID.

So! My question is

How well does WP8 and W8 (or Rt) work together? Does it work in the same way as iOS?

I really want to know about it as I'm thinking to give a try to WP and Surface RT!

Please share your experience!