I'm getting fed up of all the bitching over the GS4...

Just because you're not the target audience for some software features, doesn't make it a useless gimmick. Samsung obviously have lots of people doing research and have gotten a lot of demand for the software they've put into the phone. I highly doubt they just think of useless crap they can put onto the phone, it's not one person in a room thinking "what will be good", it's a whole team of people and a lot of asking customers.

When my Mother comes to me and says "have you heard of that new phone that tracks your eyes and your fitness", the first thing I do is roll my eyes lol. However it just proves to me that these features impress people, they add more functionality to a phone. Now whether or not they turn out good is another question, however they're smart ideas. Lots of people care about their health and want to track their exercise and their cals etc etc. There are lots of apps for this already, however the average user will find it much easier to use this stuff already built into the phone.

I can personally think of lots of uses for some of the stuff they've been talking about. If I'm cooking or have my phone in a speaker dock, being able to use gestures away from the screen comes in handy. Lots of times I've have to stop mixing stuff in a bowl with my hands, having to wash them, just to double check a recipe or take a call.

It is just whether or not it all works, but I'm sick of people just moaning about having more potential functionality in the phone. Really it's a small minority of tech snobs on the net that are doing that, usually ones who bought another phone like the HTC One, in reality it's just people trying to justify their current purchase. Lets not forget that the people moaning will just uninstall this stuff or whack on a custom rom anyways.

Now onto Plastic...

What do people do with a metal or glass phone? They wrap it up in a cheap, bulky, plastic case and never see their phone again until they come to sell it. What does Metal do when you drop it? It dents and can become sharp. What does it do well? Changes temp to the surroundings, so when it is cold, you're left with a device that makes your hands cold and when it's hot you're left with sweaty hands. Now Glass is even more stupid IMO because it just shatters, I used to own an iPhone 4 and even in a case, when I dropped it, the back shattered and the metal was all scuffed and scratched from the case anyways.

I've had a GS2 in the past, the thing never felt cheap, I could bend that plastic cover right round and it would stuff spring back and be perfectly fine. Plastic is much more durable for the purpose of a Mobile Phone and the back cover of the GS4 is the only thing contacting the surface you put it on, so scratch it all you like and you can easily replace it. That is what I love about plastic phones, is you feel like you can use them, you can lend them to a friend or put it on any surface and not worry. When I had the iPhone 4, I was worrying about using it all the time and checking for marks, I wouldn't let a friend touch it in case he scratched it. Like buying a brand new Ducati, it just isn't fun to use because you're scared of getting a mark on it, however getting my ZX6R, I love thrashing that thing around because I know fairings for that thing are dirt cheap.

Most people do not care as well, speak to an average user and they could not give a damn about if it is metal or plastic. Most women I see throw their iPhones in their handbag and get it all scratched up. Lets also not forget that with the GS4 you can just buy a different back cover, there were loads of metal ones for the GS2 and 3 if that is important to you...

I'm not going to be buying the phone personally because Nokia have won me over, however I'm just sick of the bitching. If you do not like the phone, shut up and just get something else, why do you feel the need to let everyone know of your hatred?