This Apple Guy finally used a Nexus 7 & here's what I think.

I was at Meijer a month ago I just just happened to walk past a nexus 7 locked in a glass cage. It was only $200 and I had the money so I said WHAT THE HELL. I never really used a android device since the g1 days, it was pure android, and I wanted to see how it compares to a ipad. So after a month of using it I'm gonna list my Iikes and dislikes.


- I like the back feel of it. Yea in a way it does feel a little cheap but I really like the soft grip as I hold it.

- I love the notifications compared to ios. It shows more info, I love the quick setting which is a plus. And it's easier to get rid of all your notifications a lot quicker then ios.

- I was looking up a movie in google search and I clicked a link to imdb. What it did which I thought was awesome was that it gave me the option to view it on chrome and or to view in the imdb app. I had no idea android did this and I would have no problem if ios did the same. It got a little annoying at times, but I did find it useful.

- I liked how I was able to view a movie I purchased over the wifi (streaming) or off the device itself. I love my ipad but sometimes I just don't feel like downloading a full movie onto it & it can take forever. Sometimes I just want to stream it because I tend to run out of room quick on my ipad. I have a feeling apple gonna fix this with iOS 7, but I'm just gonna have to wait and see.

- I love the YouTube app. In my opinion the YouTube on iOS sucks, it's downright terrible. The UI stinks, takes forever to load and...I just hate it. Google please fix this.

- The gesture keyboard was good. I wouldn't use it all the time but I can come in handy. I do believe there autocorrect is a lot better then on iOS.

- And finally the thing I love the most was GOOGLE NOW. It's fast, responsive, natural voice, and it does the job. I ordered something online with my gmail account and it tracked my package for me. At 1st I was WTF how did it do that. I found it to be creepy at 1st but I like it. It integrates pretty well with google services & it showed me events in the area which I thought was a huge plus. I still like Siri & find it be very useful but it does need more advancements & be as fast as google now.


- I find widgets to be stupid. They didn't help with the experience at all. To me they just got in the way. The only widgets that were useful were weather, sport scores, & twitter notifications. I seriously don't get the hype.

- optimized tablet apps. It's been 2 years since android tablets made it debut & I feel its not making that much progress after all this time. The twitter app was terrible. I tried to look for other alternative twiter apps but they sucked even more. I was looking for music apps and they were bad. Drawing apps were a no go, the only decent drawing app was sketchbook. The education apps were poor especially for tablets. I don't know what google needs to do but they need to do it fast. I keep hearing that android the #1 mobile os, so why aren't these apps getting better.

- Google play store is a mess. It's not a elegant experience to search for apps, books, music,or movies & that's coming from a "search" company. Also I hate the fact that it won't tell you if a app is tablet optimized or not...WTF. iOS let's you know by putting a plus icon on the app. Why google doesn't do this is beyond me.

- Chrome on android isn't good at all in my opinion. The touch responsiveness is laggy as hell. Chrome is better on ios then it is only googles own OS. I don't get it, it's strange to me

- the screen is better then the ipad mini but the colors feels more washed out. The color saturation on ipad feels a whole lot better.

- I hate the onscreen buttons. I'll touch those thing by accident constantly and I will take me completely somewhere else. I find them dumb.

- Too much bezel. I do feel ipad mini is superior in this regard. I felt the screen was small as well. iPad mini has less bezel & they fixed the software where if you touch the sides of the screen it won't respond to unwanted touches as you hold the device.

- why in the hell is google maps, navigation, & google earth separate apps. Wouldn't make sense to just merge them. Google maps on iphone doesn't do this navigation & google maps are merged into one app. So why isn't it on android. And I find google maps on ios to be better then on android. I even find gmail to be better on ios then android.

But yea, that was my experience with the pure android nexus 7 tablet. So my verdict is that it just wasn't for me. I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it. I didnt list customization as a like or dislike because to me only a small segment of tech consumers care about those things. i tried to customize it but just whatever im fine with what google did with it. I still love my iOS devices because it works for me because I enjoy the integrated experience, I love how I can purchase a movie and its instantly on my Apple TV when I get home, I love airplay, I love how easy it is to view apps in the App Store. I don't believe ios needs a complete facelift but I do believe it can be a lot better, especially notifications and multitasking. But I do feel good that I've finally used a pure android devices and to understand its advantages and disadvantages.