Why not adding multiple desktop tiles in future version of windows?

Hi, I'm a user of windows 8. Multitasking is one of the fundamental requirements of modern computing. Having to organize 10-15 opened desktop apps is quite messy using just 1 taskbar. While the taskbar itself is the most advanced across OS'es (live previews, stacking of instances of the same program etc), there is not a workaround yet for us working with a lot of apps simultaneously

The problem is solved in other OS’s with the use of multiple desktops (or workspaces whatever, the idea is the same).

I think that now with the modern UI a chance is given to Microsoft developers to solve this issue in Windows too.

The idea: Having the option to pin to start more than one desktop tiles, which will be numbered (desktop 1, desktop 2 …), each desktop will have its own apps and will operate independently from the others.

Also an option is required to be added when right clicking the title bar of a desktop app, to be able to move it between desktops.

I think it is a simple implementation, and it will literary make our lives a lot easier.