Vergecraft's First Birthday

There are many defining moments in history of technology: the cotton gin, Ford's assembly line, the moon landing, the iPhone, and, perhaps most importantly, the launch of Vergecraft exactly one year ago today. The staff would like to thank our great community for participating and also give a special shout-out to our administrators T.C. Sottek and the MIA Paul Miller. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to build the relationships and rivalries that make Vergecraft great!

As a special thank-you to the community, we've expedited the update process and proudly present:



If you haven't been keeping up with the Minecraft world, here's an introductory video highlighting the new features of 1.5:

Thanks for staying great, and we're excited to see what the community does with all the new features!

Update (From T.C.): Vergecraft 1 Year Anniversary Party will be happening Friday, 3/22 at 8PM ET. Stay tuned!