The Linux Challenge

So I have been running Windows ever since I received my first computer. I am familiar with it, but I want to try something new. I knew that Mac OS was way too expensive, so I decided to come up with a challenge. I want to see if I can survive 7 days on Linux. I am a gamer of some sorts so it may be a little hard, however I'd be willing to give it a shot. I would like to know what Linux distribution you think I should use for my challenge. I will provide daily logs of my experiences. Thank you! (Note: I would prefer an option that I could run side by side Windows so I can go back to it if I don't like it)

Update: I have looked at your comments (Thank you by the way) and I have decided on a distro. Well, I've decided on three. I have decided to have three Linux challenges. The first I will do with Ubuntu. The second I will do with Elementary OS (Luna Beta) and lastly I will do CrunchBang. I will still do them for seven days each. I am going to start this Sunday so look out for the first post!