What I want to see in the next generations surface products.

I have some expectations in Surface 2 products. 1. Surface RT 2: 8 inch with Snapdragon 600 at $299. I don't want Microsoft to make it a 10.6 inch again because it is difficult to go against iPAD at the same price without full windows 8. Launch: September/October. Microsoft should make the prices of RT less (rumored to be planning already)for OEMs. Otherwise they don't see a necessity to make RT devices because android is free and slowly gaining traction. 2. Surface: 10.6 inch with Bay trail atom (expected to be double the performance of current generation) and 1080p display, 64Gb at the same price as current Surface RT $499. Touch/type covers sold separately at the same prices as now. Optional stylus for $49. They should release the keyboard dock with extra battery and more ports for $149. This is necessary because common complaint about the touch/type covers is cant be used on lap comfortably and screen is fixed at one angle and it also provides extra battery life and more ports. It may seem very less price($649) for surface but if you check the market now HP envy X2 is now selling for $599 for 64 Gb full windows 8 (atom) tablet with keyboard. Samsung ATIV PC is selling for $649 for 64 Gb full windows 8 tablet with keyboard dock and stylus. Only difference would be 1080p display but the display prices are coming down substantially so that should not be a problem. I read on anandtech.com (very reliable for CPU info) Intel is selling atom processors at same prices as high end ARM processors of QUALCOMM. I am expecting 95% of people to buy keyboard dock when they purchase surface. There can be 128Gb option for $100 more obviously. Launch: January 2014. Bay trail atom is expected to be available in q4 this year. 3. Surface Pro 2: 10.6 inch with Haswell and bigger battery, same 1080P display, stylus, 128 Gb for $899. There should be a 256 Gb option as well. Keyboard dock with extra battery and more ports. Launch: November (Haswell will be available from June/July). Well all these are expectations and desires who think that these will be a killer portfolio of devices which helps Microsoft and windows successful. What do you guys think? Share your expectations and desires. The reason why I don't want to see RT at 10.6 inch is it will be confusing for consumers and with the atom prices are getting lower it wont be necessary.