My dad is considering a Windows Phone and would like to know some stuff.


My dad has few questions and I hope you people here can answer.

1. Gmail. There was a controversy regarding Gmail and Windows phone; about Google refusing Gmail support back in December and Jan. I did not follow the news regarding that so can you guys tell me if it works or not?

2. Setting up a third party mail i.e. his companies email account. I'm pretty sure it'll be possible but are there any limitations?

3. Calender. Does it support Google calendar?
Not really a necessity because he is tied to BlackBerry right now and uses their services. So, he won't have much problem starting with Microsoft's calender services if he moves over to Windows Phone.

4. He is not at all into hip apps or social networking so I don't think number of apps will be a problem but is there anything he should be aware of?

5. How good is the screen in direct sunlight? He uses reading glasses, so can he increase the font size?

6. Finally, which phone would you recommend? The HTC WP8x or the Lumia?

Thank you!