Apple's market timing: they are all naked!

We are mid march. Apple hasn't announced anything new since October 2012. 6 long months. In the meantime, all competitors launched their new flagship products and their dawn of army.

- Windows Phone 8

- Nokia Lumias

- Blackberry 10

- Blackberry Z10

- Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

- HTC One

- Sony Xperia Z / ZL

- Samsung Galaxy S4

On the tablet side:

- Windows 8 / RT

- Microsoft Surface

- Nexus 10

I probably forgot some. Yet none of them overshadows the iPhone and the iPad.

By listening to analysts and fans, Apple was of course supposed to collapse. What's happening? Apple is holding its market strongly. Do we really see signs of weakness?

The biggest iOS competitors, Windows, Android, Blackberry, are already redesigned. Nothing new coming for the next 12 to 24 months. Apple has literally a highway free of cars. I find this market timing very rare when all the challengers used all their weapons before the leader starts to react. Hopefully Apple will not miss this incredible opportunity.