Z, ZL, Oppo Find5, Ascend D2, GS4 - Help me decide!

Hey Army,

I've been looking at getting a new phone for a little while now. Watching the announcements for the Z/ZL got me super excited for an Xperia device. Problem is, I can't decide what I want to get, maybe you can give your .02 cents if you have tried any of these devices.

Z - waterproof, autofocus on video, super sleek but pricey, battery is meh

ZL - best design, camera button, contrast calibration (Z doesn't have this), marginal battery bump... - cheaper!

Find 5 - monthly updates would be awesome, screen is great, 2500mAH battery, but not as great design (IMO), cheapest, best DAC

D2 - Biggest battery, also waterproof, but i'm not a huge fan of the design, probably very cheap

GS4 - I just threw this in just for some comparison, I'm not sold on the design, but it has a big battery, and I'm a fan of the AMOLED screen's contrast...

I would love to get the HTC One, but I'd be using an AWS network like T-Mobile's 3G, so I have to have UMTS band IV.

I would love some help deciding... Should I wait for the X-phone?

Also, does anyone know if the Snapdragon 600 has support for 1700/2100 bands? Most of the S4 Pros have this band (N4, Z/ZL, just to name a few). Just thinking about the Optimus G Pro...

N4 won't cut if for me because I would like more than 10GB of music on my phone...