Android tablet apps vs. iOS - Where are all the impressive apps?

See this ad and this one.

They annoy me too, I muted them. But they show what I find Android lacking in. People talk about the lack of decent tablet apps on Android, and I agree with them.

I know Android has some of the apps in those ads. Reading apps and some of the others.But where are the cool 3D fly through the universe apps? That brain thing? The cell tour, the shark, the heart. The music ones aren't my thing, but I bet some people would love them. If there are any apps like this on Android, I'd love to know about them, because I've never seen them.

It seems to me that developers really aren't taking full advantage of the hardware in Android tablets now. Some games do, sure. But when was the last time you saw an app like those ones in the ads? The closest thing I've seen is Google Earth, and that's a sad situation.

People might dismiss those kind of apps as flashy nonsense, the sort of thing that people who have 'real' work to do don't have time for. Or that somehow apps like Tasker and various other hackery make up for the lack. Not for me, they don't, and I don't like the impression that some people give, that it's somehow odd to have no interest in rooting or flashing roms, that only functional apps are important, and that it's somehow puerile to want the type of apps the iPad ads show.

For me, these kind of immersive, visually impressive, educational and creative apps are the best demonstration for the power and functionality of tablets. Something needs to change to bring these to Android, maybe more developers should stop developing for the lowest common denominator all the time. Make some apps that show what tablets can do. I like Android for a lot of reasons, but it's down-heartening having only second-best most of the time.