Keep my Galaxy Nexus or upgrade to Galaxy S4?

My Verizon Galaxy Nexus is cracked and can be replaced for $100. But should I do that? Or should I upgrade now? My upgrade is October but my mom has offered me hers now. My plan was to wait until after I/O to see if we get a CDMA Nexus again or buy the Note III when it is released. But now my phone is broken. I'm being a bit swayed with the huge screen and minimal bezel of the S4. I'd even one-up that screen for the Note 2. However, I've loved stock Android.


  • Will there be another stock Nexus on Verizon? Ever?
  • Should I wait for Note III or go for Note II now?
  • Is the S4 worth it, despite Touchwiz?

It boils down to: Should I buy a Note 2 or Galaxy S4 now, or fix my Galaxy Nexus and wait for possible CDMA Nexus or Note 3? Oh the choices.

Or do you have another suggestion? I'm excited to hear back! Love you Vergians.

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