What is up with The Verge?

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I personally have never been a huge fan of The Verge. I have always found that they are not opinionated enough. In reviews, they seem to list positive things about a phone, but then end it with a cop-out. I respect some of the writers there. I enjoy some of their pieces. I just have always taken issue with a lot of their work.

I also have taken issue with them having a huge bias against Apple. This isn’t something that has happened once. It happens multiple times. They always seem to be kinder to the competition. Here’s an example (thanks Dan):
Back in September, Samsung released an ad about the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III titled "It doesn’t take a genius." It was a pretty poor ad, seeing how they listed very few iPhone software features, and listed a bunch of Galaxy S III features. The Verge kind of dismissed the whole thing as marketing

[...] Why don’t they point out how Android has hundreds of bad apps? Also, why didn’t they point out that while Google doesn’t really remove malware apps, they have no qualms against removing ad blocking apps? Did The Verge ever cover Google doing that? If so, I can’t find it. If they didn’t, as I think they did, that is pretty odd, don’t you think?

Apple isn’t dying. They made a couple of mistakes last year. So what? Every company does. No company is perfect. A company would have to be magical to be perfect. Apple isn’t magical, they just make magical products.
The Verge sucks. This is not the first time they have done something like this. This is constant. Why does The Verge do this? They are losing any integrity they had to begin with. I don’t trust them anymore. I don’t think anyone should.


I don’t think that The Verge is always biased against Apple. I enjoy The Verge reviews. I feel they usually give scores to the best products. My point was more the news side of the operation. This is kind of a pattern. Not just with advertising too. The Verge was the only news organization that got exclusive access to the Glass labs. They didn’t post about Google removing ad-blocking apps from the Play store—a major policy shift for Google. They didn’t cover the news that arose that Google was asking reporters to be nicer to them. The Verge received exclusive access to the Android labs with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. They posted an article defending the Nexus 4 having no LTE.

I am not accusing The Verge of anything yet. There isn’t enough proof, even with that above. It could just be mistakes or accidents. I am suspicious of the pattern. Patterns can sometimes mean nothing. But I think it is a string to keep tugging to see where it leads. No harm in making sure news organizations who say they are unbiased actually are.

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