I know we get these posts a lot....but, what new features would you like to see in Key lie pie

Yeah I know, I know but still, what features would you like to see.

  • Unified Messaging app This is one thing that Android NEEDS to have. Instead of google talk, messaging, google messanger, hangout, etc, why not have a unified messaging app. That is sure to make everyone's life easier.
  • Camera And gallery features Ability to pause videos while capturing them to skip a few scenes. For the love of god, my old basic feature nokia phone had it. I can't think why google hasnt implemented this feature yet. And something like zoe and timeshift. Better stitching of photo spheres. And ability to add new albums.
  • Releasing google now API This will enable more productivity and integrate app features into google now. Just to make sure it dosent become ugly with useless cards, how about developers creating the cards and sending it to google for verification or something?
  • Better battery life Make a stamina mode for conserving battery life.
  • Multi window support

Are there any features you would like to implement in android?