App load times, make Windows 8 feel cluncky

On of the things that everybody notice when using a Windows 8 tablet is app loadtimes. Microsoft put a lot of effort optimizing boot time of the OS, however, loading apps is what really makes the OS feel clunky and slow compared to other platforms.

It does not matter if I'm opening an app on the Surface or my RAID 0 desktop PC, metro apps just take too long to load and when I compare that to lets say my SGS3 or by brother's iPad 4, the difference is really obvious.

Even if the difference is can be measured in seconds, opening the music app takes 0.5 seconds on my SGS3, while it takes about 2 seconds opening the app + 5 more loading content on my desktop PC. Not to even mention the email app or any of MS bundled applications.

Immediacy is something people is growing used to, and sadly, its one part where Microsoft has a lot of work to do, it does not matter how much they put on animations and loading screen effects, the fact is that the difference is tangible and make the overall experience feel a lot more clumsy than it really is.