Would an HTC Nexus be awesome?

I have been looking at the comment sections of some articles about the newly released HTC One, and I've found a common trend. Everybody loves the hardware HTC makes, and loves stock Android. That gave me the thought of having HTC build a nexus phone. It would get all the updates faster, HTC could spend more time on hardware because they wouldn't have to worry about software, and it just sounds like a great idea.

But is it a good idea? HTC loves to skin and brand their phones. They like to have that big HTC logo in sight whenever your phone is out. In addition, the Nexus phones have a sort of design that may be hard for HTC to grasp.

So as much as we can dream for an HTC Nexus phone, I personally don't think HTC is ready to move away from sense, nor is it ready to become a very close partner with Google.