Ideal Chromebook?

I don't want to start another conversation on the merits of the OS, and whether or not you can get "work" done through a browser. This means something different to everybody, so let's assume for all its pros and cons you're on board with Chrome OS running your primary machine.

That said, what's your ideal Chromebook setup? I'm curious what you think is ideal in terms of hardware for the OS. What's the sweet spot where the spec/price ratio is maximized? Samsung's offering provides a pretty nice bang for your buck, but I'd love to see a better sceeen. The Pixel is gorgeous, but most people can't afford a $1300 outlay even for their primary device. Those machines represent the best of the high and low ends of the spectrum. I think there's got to be middle ground. The Pixel's display is as good as it gets, but I think most consumers would be sufficiently happy with a 1600x900 (or similar resolution) display. The better screens will require more processing power, but the i5 seems like overkill. Will a snapdragon 800, tegra 4, or xynos octa-whosie-whatsie do the trick? If not, what about moving to AMD? It seems like that could lower price while providing more than enough juice to power the machine. Throw in 4gb ram, 32gb disk space, with decent overall build quality and I think you have a winner. Can this be achieved at a sub $500 price point?

TL;DR- Chrome OS works for you. How do you maximize performance/price?