HTC needs to work with Google to compete with Samsung

																							Photo: by Engadget

HTC has been losing the war with the marketing giant Samsung. Samsung has put out numerous prepaid devices throughout their recent campaigns. The reason why Samsung put out so many off-contract devices was to build brand recognition. With the recent sales of the GS3 and GS2, Samsung has successfully invested into the future of harvesting new customers. Their Trojan Horse into the prepaid market was the "Samsung Galaxy Prevail" which individually sold over two million units. The Galaxy Prevail was never advertised on any television network. The HTC Aria was all over television and was very cheap under contract but people decided to go the Samsung route because it was off contract.

This is a wake up call for HTC. They need to realize that they can't compete with Samsung with the carrier's help. Verizon has denied their HTC One brand and the possibility of their decision making for their own devices. A company like HTC shouldn't rely on carrier advertising. They need to build their relationship back up with Google and hardware companies so they can make a budget nexus phone. HTC cannot rely on the carrier to help them out this time or else they're going to into a horrible place where they will never come back from.

If I was HTC, I would go back to the drawing board. I would modernize three device, Aria, HTC Merge, and the HTC One X. These three devices can bring in three different price points that are similar to Blu. Having these three price would still make them rich, $99, $199, $299.


I would keep the Aria and get rid of the branding on the front and replace the back shell with a yellow tinted shell so you can see the insides. Personally, I think the backing would give HTC that unique feel that they've been trying to acquire again for years. People would probably come up to you actually see what device you're using and etc. That's the type of talk HTC needs, self advertisement from the consumer to get other possible consumers interested. Nobody wants a big fat company logo on their device that could be used for expanding their small screen to around 3.7 inches while maintaining around 350 ppi with a 720p screen.

I personally could go on and on about devices that will never happen, but one thing is certain. HTC needs to address these issues and stop living in the shadows of the iPhone and Galaxy while there is still a light at the end of the tunnel.