Anyone still using the S voice on GS3?

I know The S voice feature isn't as favorable as google now. But is anyone still using it?

I know I go from time to time using it a bit to send a text someone or call someone since I have it active on my lockscreen.

I just think both apps have their own perks. Google now has those helpful notifications on your notification pull down bar, for exp. Traffic form where you are to work if you set up a work address with google or time to time temperature that seriously kills any need opening any apps to check for anything. Now when I want to text someone Google now needs more polishing hell even calling someone if the app doesn't understand your request it will take you the search request.

The S voice Handles texting someone and calling them with better ease then google now

both apps open programs with out problems where google now has an advantage it will take you the search result right away and you can download it with out opening play store then searching.

And I almost forgot that google now pulls your emails form gmail and looks for traking numbers airline tickets and so on, which can be a good or bad thing.

SO After all of that I use both quite often I tried the new dragon from naunce and it just down't deliver the same experience like these two.