Windows Phone 8 watch

Disclaimer: I am a huge Apple fan, but also enjoy what Google and Microsoft are doing. Also, I don't have a smartphone, but have an iPad for college and two iPhones in the family (parents).

While watching the Top Shelf episode 2 I thought : "Hey, it would be awesome if Microsoft made a smartwatch."

I feel that the Metro/Modern interface fits the square screen of the watch the best.

Here is how I think it could be:

The watch could have the watch face as the home screen, to which the watch defaults after a period of inactivity or alike 3 seconds after the noticifation alert. if you swipe left (on the right side of the main screen) you get to the apps. There can be a phone app with a dialer once you click on it. One the dial screen there can be a contacts button, and recents button. On the other hand though, maybe there should be no dialer, just recent so you can call them back (to keep it simple and not replace a phone).

There can also be a texts app with a list of recent conversations and a speech to text reply functionality. Also maybe a twitter and facebook app where you can post speech to text updates with location (if desired). Maybe a notes, and a reminders app (now that would be cool that i think of it ! ). I suppose developers can make all sorts of apps work with the watch. Tiles can be a full sized square or 4 small squares

More importantly, if you swipe to the right (on the left screen of the main screen) there will be a notification center (oh my gosh, a NC for WP8!!!) there will be 4 small squares with notification badges. Or just a list of app names with a number of notifications next to them. Something like that. I also have an idea for a NC for the phones (even if you say : "NO WP8 has live tiles" , I believe there is still need for a proper NC)

Also, if you swipe down on the main screen, phone setting are brought up, like brightness, volume, some toggles for wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode, or whatever else might come in handy.

Swiping up on the main screen brings up watch settings, like color of live tiles, brightness, whatever have you.

Tapping on the main screen brings up date (if not incorporated into the watchface) and tapping once more bring up weather.

Once you inside any app or anything but the main screen the swipes do not do anything but that apps functions. Like you could swipe left and right, up and down in twitter app and it only shows twitter stuff. Now onto the last three controls.

There can be three buttons like on WP phones: the home button (back to the watchface), the back button (back to the apps list or back to the main settings list and such) and search button (for Bing (lol Bing) search). For Bing search, it would be awesome if it worked like Siri (I am not sure if WP has an equivalent like Google does), and also had that Music search function of WP8 search (which I tested and it's great)

Whoa this is a big list, and might seem overwhelming, but to me it seems that one could get anywhere in two-three swipes or even one. Quick settings -- swipe down and tap the setting tile. Boom. Notifications -- swipe right. Boom. (can also launch the app on phone with one click). Double boom. Facebook or Twitter or Email or Notes -- swipe to the left, tap to launch and boom, ready to dictate. Date, weather -- tap once and twice accordingly.

So yeah, I am excited, even though I am an Apple fan and hope they get there first :p. But I feel that the Microsoft's WP8 design language and UX of flow between screens works better for the watch (not everything).

Please let me know what you think. I would love it if someone made the mockups. It would not be hard for me to do in Photoshop, but would take lots of time which I don't have as a student :). This post cost me 45 minutes. Damn.