What features would you like to see in OS X 10.9?


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I know iOS is the star these days but there are still tens of millions of Mac users out there that either look forward or dread (depending how old you are I guess) the inevitable upcoming OS X announcements. This time last year we already knew what to expect from Mountain Lion as Apple announced it in February. But now that March is almost over and we've got no word about 10.9 yet I'm getting a bit anxious. Is the delay just because of the timing and release schedule of other products? Or will they wait till WWDC to formally announce it? There hasn't been much info that has leaked either except the kind of obvious inclusions of Apple Maps and Siri.

So while we wait, what are some of the new features or tweaks to existing features you're most looking forward to?

UPDATE: I wrote a more thought out piece on OS X 10.9 here if you care to read.