Considering "downgrading" from a Canon 7D to a Sony RX100... thoughts? WWYD?

Hey guys!

So I'm debating giving up my trusty Canon 7D for a much more compact and simply amazing Sony RX100. Now before you say "WTF WHY?!" hear me out.

The 7D was my go-to workhorse during my career as a Fashion Photographer. It was fun and all, but I think it's time for something new. Now I'm well aware of the amazing imagery you can get out of a DSLR and nice glass, but I feel like for my purposes nowadays, the 7D is a little much. Since I'm not shooting jobs anymore, I'd like something more compact and the RX100 seems to be "the one".

Does anyone with real experience on the RX100 think it's worth the downgrade? I was also considering going the route of selling the 7D, then buying an RX100 along with something like a T3i or T4i body "just in case" I want something more.

Would going for a lower-end body + the RX100 be the better idea or is the RX100 good enough on its own? I mostly plan on shooting street photography, some gadget videos and stills (w/ macro), and landscape.

I'm not too concerned about the lack of a DSLR and all its benefits in my life. I still shoot with film SLRs and medium format. In the digital world, however. I'm okay with a nice, pocketable point-&-shoot that just happens to take amazing photos.