Is HTC done?

I have no idea who sits around htc and fumbles up last year and the year before and gives samsung the crown with out a fight.

In 2010 HTC brought so many killer phones to the table that you can easily loose track. Phones such as the Evo, Desire, Htc G2, Mytouch4g, droid incredible, and Nexus.

So what happen? 2011 Happened HTC continued with the strategy to spew out as much as many phones as possible all with little to no difference between them with different names with nothing unifying them. They where not the only ones in 2010 Samsung was throwing duds out until they hit with the Galaxy S. Galaxy S came out in 2010 and came with tag names such as Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4g, and Fascinate. Even though they all had different names Samsung made sure to tag along A galaxy S phone in every ad possible. But for Samsung it was too late, for that year people where more interested in the EVO or Droid Incredible or Mytouch4g to pay any looks to Samsung. It wasn't until 2011 that Samsung took the bulls by the horns and said no more nicknames this is the Galaxy S2 you can still tailor the hardware to your liking but the name is staying the same across the board. HTC on the other hand where hitting the shelves hard with smartphones that where replacing phones that where released 3 months ago drowning the market.

Did HTC succeed? no not quite they had sales but the ratio to phone spewing was off and Samsung made the best move they ever did in their android career they placed themselves in a very good position. While HTC was busy filling up the shelves with three to four different but almost alike smartphones samsung gave them one high end smartphone a few low end and kept the OG Galaxy as their med end smartphone. And grasped the attention of power users and regular users. While 2011 boosted samsung in sales HTC still outsold Samsung but left HTC in quite a hole at the end of the year.

2012 came around HTC announced the unification of the One X,S, and V, and the revamp of Sense.
The right Idea but bad execution. HTC struck exclusive deals with the four major carriers and shot themselves int he foot, again. Beautiful Hardware and a much cleaner better looking sense, HTC did an outstanding job but the fact that consumers didn't want to switch carriers to get the one x or one s or one v . Samsung played the ultimate hand and released the S3 simultaneously on all carriers with no modifications between them besides internal chipsets. A move that gave Samsung over the most soled android smartphone title and took the crown.

2013 HTC ONE

Is it too late now in the race to fix the mistakes from 2011 and 2012?

HTC ONE I'm sure you heard of and couldn't be any better constructed if apple themselves did it. It has its flaws with the hardware keys being a big question.
Does anyone thing that maybe HTC just needs to release one super phone a year and concentrate with MIcrosoft to bring up its rear? Samsung is obviously in a very comfortable position where they know their going to sell buckets of S4 to the masses just because of the S3 even if people think the S4 is a S3 S