HTC: What they should have/could do

There's lots of talk about the HTC Samsung battle and I decided to share what I think HTC should have/ should do.

1) They should start a new brand (HTC went with 'One' to solidify the brand but I dont think it would work)

2) They should make three phones only (high, mid, low) with very similar design (I'll explain why soon). And we all know HTC have good design.

3) Release on all carriers (carrier exclusivity ; bad idea)

4)Go with AOSP UI and functionality (Matias' UI doesn't need mending like GB did)

Now here's how it all comes together.

The Mind Games

Someone (average consumer; not Verger) walks into a store and asks for a phone. He is presented with the high end HTC phone and he will like the design.

Its on of three things:

1) He picks another high end phone (

2) He picks another high end phone (HTC win)

3)Its too expensive (HTC win)

If it's too expensive, the low and mid range are suggested. To the average consumer, they look the same, have similar names, and they save money, why the hell not.

Now we are in the open world were every one is using that HTC phone an every carrier. It looks like it. May not be the same internals but who knows (the very few techies). Now its like the Galaxy syndrome everyone is using the SIII so more people are buying. But now everybody is using the HTC phone.

The next time someone goes to a shop (regardless of carrier) they will ask for that HTC phone that everyone is using.

Its a kind of domination from the bottom up scheme. With the revenue they could keep going.

Personally the reason why I think this will work is because the mid and low end markets are markets are really under estimated in terms of number. The money is in the high end sure, but numbers affect decision making.

This is not to say that the average consumer is a complete twat but it's how the human brain has worked and we've known for ages. It's the reason for the Harlem shake and every other fad. And it will work cause HTC make good phones.

Anyway I'd like to know what you guys think.