The phone that reinvents Phones

This (not so) crazy idea came trough my mind. It's not that crazy, and in fact, might be the reality.

The phone market is thrieving. Android phone manufactirers like HTC are making great aliminum phones. Samsung is on a threatening rise. And Apple knows this.

Next revision of iPhone, dubbed 5S, will be incremental. Software design changes by the hand of Ive will show, like a sneek peek to the future. Apple will be fighting its marketshare for a real time.

Next year, an invite will be given. We'll know what is all about. The iPhone. No numbers.

The phone that reinvents Phones.

Software overhaul. No shifting from the app grid launcher paradigm. Pure and clean consistency in a software that just wows. It would make Android look like messy eye candy. The name wuldn't be iOS 8. They're starting anew.

The hardware would not resemble the iPhone 4 like it does till today. Maybe some rounded edges in a metallic shape that actually feels good in your hand, and in the hands of thousands of consumers.

Everyone will remember that Apple means premium, and quality speaks for itself.

In a year or so, the phone that started it all, wlll change everything, again.