Is a 1080p $199 Motorola X Possible? You bet. Here's How.

In China, phones can profitably be sold at $145 with 1080p, 1GB RAM, and a 13 MP camera, and a 3000 mah battery. The downside is only that the quad core CPU is quad A7.

Now that phone really has cutthroat margins so Motorola doesn't need to do that and it has some breathing room at $199. And prices will come down by the time the phone launches in July or something.





Here's what I think Motorola can do. Set up a price range from $199 to $399. $199 gets the lowest end specs of everything. The screen and design will be standard. 1080p and the above design.

CPU: Snapdragon S4 Pro/Snapdragon 600 Upgrade: $50

RAM: 1 GB/ 2GB $40

Camera: 8 MP/ 13 MP $20

Battery: 2500 mah/ 3300 mah $40

Storage: 8 GB/16 GB $50

Those can be customized and the max price for the top end everything ends up being $399.

That should leave Motorola with plenty of margin.

Now before you dismiss this as unfeasible. Look at the specs of the Neo N003 in the article. Except for the CPU, it has equal or better specs for $145. At $199, we may be looking at a potential 15%+ profit margin. And Motorola will optimize their devices and provide support.

The X Phone is starting to look better and better, especially if the back side controls are real.