Skype, how it should have been by now...

Micrsofted decided to axe Messenger and move to Skype. In my opinion it is the right thing to do. Skype offers a lot of cool features that would make the messaging experience better.

I decided to take the step we all want to take and ditch every Messenger app on both windows 8 and windowsphone 8 and exchange it for the Skype clients on these two platforms.


This is probably my biggest frustration but integration with the people app is not really done well. It's there, in the sense that we can open the people app and select skypecall. But it is not at all present in the app itself. I love both the "messages" hubs in Windows 8 and WP8 in the sense that whenever you are in the app and want to add a new conversation you can select your contact straight from the people app. Yet in Skype they decided to add a seperate contact list that on top of being redundant, adds duplicate accounts. The people hub is there on both OSs and they just don't use it.


Since the beginning of the live accounts I have linked my facebook account to my liveaccount.Liveaccount got renamed to microsoftaccount and I still have my facebook linked. Everything works just fine, even better: it works perfectly. When I saw we could login to Skype With a Microsoft account I was extremely pleased. I would get my entire contactlist that is present in the cloud copied to my Skype account and everything would be fine. However, only Messenger and Skype accounts got transfered. I read the entire support page and linking facebook should be easy but for some reason I cannot select my live:skypename account when I try to linke facebook to Skype. Only my old accounts (which I haven't used in years) appear in the link menu. It really shouldn't be that hard.

Deleting older accounts

By mentioning my "old accounts" in the previous post I can put down this next point. Why can't we delete our old accounts? Think about that for a few does not make much sense. For some reason I find it annoying if I have accounts lying around on the internet...Maybe that is just me.

On top of the mentioned arguments above we don't have all the features like video messages yet.

Anyway. I know this is a bit of a rant but I was really wondering if these are just my furstrations or if anyone else thinks the same.

I must admit that I love the micrsoft ecosystem. I do not have any complaints but Skype really frustrates me...It could be so much better. But it's just not.