HTC versus Wireless Charging

HTC announced its new Flagship HTC One about a month ago or to be precise about 28 days ago. And till today no reporter or reviewer has actually asked the question why is HTC One not supporting wireless charging or is it?

HTC 8X now seems to include wireless charging just because it seems MSFT let HTC know Nokia’s key selling point will be Wireless charging. So HTC scrapped together some kind wireless solution. Recently got a chance to play around with 8X and realized the unlike 920, where the battery will actually get charged i.e. increase from lets say 20% to 50% in one hour of wireless charging, 8X was increasing only to about 30%, which is a pathetic implementation of the wireless charging.

Now that its actual flagship is released, HTC One, there is no trace of wireless charging… its completely disappeared? S4 has it, but HTC one doesn’t.

Since I have got my 920, I almost stopped keeping track of charge situation on my phone unless I am trekking or hiking the whole day. In office it’s on a Fatboy whenever I am at my desk. At home its again the charging plate, on my study desk. So without thinking about it, its charged (almost always, as at home I don’t always keep it in same location). What it has achieved is my day today worry of charging and making sure before heading out there is sufficient charge is completely gone!

I would really like to be in a situation where charging is not something you need to remember but it just happens as part of your workflow without you noticing. And I think 920, is almost getting me there.