A Theory About Cyanogen Mod.

**Before you read this please note, I haven't done any research so if anything is wrong feel free to point it out**

Okay, so a story I read a while ago on The Verge was that Google was becoming "worried about Samsung's market dominance." And they had every reason to be, Samsung hold a massive proportion of the market, and personally being a bit of an HTC fan boy I really don't see why. Samsung make hideous phones, and although their feature list is great, none of it is practical. Octa-core, Eye Scrolling etc... It just seems like features for the sake of features.. Anyway, that's besides the point.

I read on GSMArena today that the Cyanogen Mod team won't support the Galaxy S4, and they gave a lot of valid reasons for it. However, given it's market projections, this would be a great chance for Cyanogen Mod to further extent it's notability. So it seems impractical that they wouldn't support possibly the highest selling Android of all time. This is where my facts run out. I have a theory, that the Cyanogen Mod team are either owned by, or at least sponsored by Google. In fact as I write this, I notice that the words "Cyanogen Mod" are in my Chromebook's dictionary. If you think about it, not many people like Touchwiz, it's horrible. So some people buy Samsung phones for their power with the hopes of flashing Cyanogen Mod, not many, but some. Do you think this could be an attempt from Google themselves who may have paid the Cyanogen Mod team to not support it in an attempt to kill a few sales? Granted, it is a small attempt but at this rate even a fraction of the sales will do Google good.

I think it also makes sense that Google may own Cyanogen Mod as they are constantly pushing OEM's to put Stock on their devices. They may have created Cyanogen Mod in an attempt to get Stock Android running on more devices and are now using it to their advantage?

It's just a theory, so if you disagree just say that, no need for flames. :P