Interesting Developer Perspective from Grokr

I know some of us are not familiar with the iOS app Grokr, but basically it is the iOS equivalent of Google Now, which when it came out last year was going to be iOS only. So Techcrunch reported that the are relaunching the app on iOS again, but now the developer has plans to bring an Android version to the market. Mainly to go after international and emerging markets.

Ok who cares right? I got Google Now. The thing that really caught my eye was the last statement in the article..

...we’re told that the company believes that there’s just more opportunity to innovate on Android.

Now make sure you read the full article here, it is short so don't worry, but does anyone think we are seeing a shift? Are developers starting to pay as much attention to Android as iOS? Some more examples of this if you know of any would be great.