Gimmicky or not, Samsung deserves credit

I want to start by saying it's interesting to see how we have gone from the Apple vs Android bashing to Android vs Android which I don't think is necessarily a totally bad thing as it shows how Android manufacturers have quickly matured and are pushing each other to be better.

I see a lot of people write off the new S4 features as gimmicky and useless marketing features we don't need but I think we should be encouraged that Samsung is at least trying to be innovative and push the boundaries of what a phone can do. Yes some of it may not work exactly as advertised and may not be used by 90% of the owner but it may inspire new features/capabilities in technology as a whole. Would we have seen the Kinect so soon if the Wii didn't happen?

Sometimes we need to look past our noses and be excited for when companies are willing to push the envelope. It may or may not work but we are usually better for it. I personally am excited for some of these features to come to tablets/laptops as I believe some of these gesture based features are better on a larger screen