Then the clouds opened up and God said…

"I Hate you, Alfafa."

thats how i feel right now.

The situation: friday night my iphone 4s was stolen, i have findmyphone activated but it seems the phone is shut off so no luck locating yet. I've reported it to the authorities and now i'm in a tough predicament. i have no phone. i have a big vacation coming up so im saving for that and what not, so i want to keep the money spent to a minimum, and would prefer to have something to take decent pics with.

the options:

1.) I'm eligible for a full upgrade on May 1st, through AT&T. At that point i can buy a Iphone 5 for $200 but as the rumor mills goes, we might see a 5S as soon as june/july so i kinda hate the idea of upgrading to a phone mis cylce. So, i can upgrade in may, resell the 5 soon after and buy the 5S out right. Assuming the 5S retails for about the same price as the 5 did, and i can sell the 5 for about $450 (the going price on local craigslist) im looking at a $200 difference that i'd have to cover to buy the phone at retail. Thats going to be $400 spent over the span of a couple years on phones just for the sake of being as current as possible.

2.) buying another brand phone. the only android phone i would consider going with would be a nexus 4, but even then im very hesitant. i have alot of info invested into the apple ecosystem and icloud. plus the nexus is already about mid cycle at this point. i can spend the $300 now for it to be a temp phone (assuming i can get it when its in stock) and use it till the 5S comes out, then resell and use my full upgrade to get that (i doubt the N4 will make me a believer in the new android experience or whatever so ill probably go back to iOS) plus the resell of the N4 is not gonna be anywhere near the value of the 5, so in the end ill be spending upwards of $500.

3.) upgrade to the 5 in May, and not worry about getting 5S and just completely mess up my cycle of following the "S" releases (previously id been on the 3GS->4S->5S cycle which i preferred).

the questions: so what do you guys suggest i do? im trying to optimize my money spent over the course of time. in the mean time im gonna be rolling with a dumbphone + ipad mini combo till may. sorry for the long post, your help is appreciated.