Why do people care so much about specs? You see numerous threads with titles like "HTC One or Galaxy S IV? Or should I wait?". What are you waiting for? At this point, it's a pissing contest between the OEM's and real world performance is pretty similar. You have people asking whether the Nexus 4 is still a viable option, despite only being released in November. Do any of these people end up buying any phones, or do they just get stuck in this loop of waiting for the next big thing? I just bought a Nexus 4 at the beginning of March and have absolutley no regrets. The phone is the best that i've ever owned. Sure, I wish that I had more than 12.92GB of total storage, but i've made it work. I've had a pretty decent amount of Android phones now, and I can say that i've only really hated one of them, and that was the HTC DROID Incredible. I've become pretty proficient with trading phones on Craigslist, hence my ever growing list. Motorola DROID>Samsung Fascinate>HTC DROID Incredible>Samsung Epic 4G>Samsung Nexus S 4G> Samsung Epic 4G Touch>Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE>Samsung Galaxy S III>LG Nexus 4