What is your homepage?

I'm beginning to see I might be in the minority since I just recently started discussing this with friends of mine. My homepage hasn't changed in quite a number of years and prior to that, didn't change much either. I'd say over the the course of a 15 years, it might have changed maybe 2-3 times. The reason for this is I have everything I need at my fingertips, right there in front of me.

Back in the day when everyone used Yahoo, I was quite fond of their homepage and having a large amount of information right as I logged in to see what's happening on the world wide web. I currently use iGoogle, but it's going away in November of this year and I will be transitioning to NetVibes, which is damn near identical, but offers some more impressive features for RSS reading. While looking at NetVibe's site today there was a word I had never seen before; social dashboard. I wasn't aware of the term, perhaps it's a new way to say RSS feed, I'm not sure, but hey, it allows me to stay updated on all my current sites and lets me explore specific articles I want.

Everything is at my fingertips and creates less work for me to browse the headlines from the sites I frequent the most. It allows me to have less blinders on then say a person who has Facebook as their home page. Maybe I'm not in the same category as them (probably not). I suppose it also puts blinders on if I'm constantly relying on just those specific sites for information as well. Let's discuss that too.

So I ask you: "What is your homepage"?

Feel free to elaborate on why you chosen what homepage you have.