Need serious help with a laptop "integrated touchpad" dilemma. Am i the only one?

Hey Folks

So my issue is this. I am in need of a new laptop... And.... i have a serious beef with basically all manufacturers doing the apple style integrated touchpad. I feel that its great great for regular consumers and students/people who surf an type. I see myself as a professional of many trades, i work seriously across multiple programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Abletone Live, Cubase and Sony Vegas being the top runners of my daily angles.

I take my computer a lot of different places and I work a lot on the go, may it be trains or busses (hey even out in the wild) and this is where my problem begins. The integrated touchpads don't work well in shaky and bumpy environments or even out in the field, it delays my work and overall passion for working fast. It is simply not possible to separate swipes and presses (or both at once) in such a way as one can effectively with a static touchpad and buttons. Over the years I have worked up a solid connection with the touchpad + 2 buttoned combo for my photoshop/illustrator work, so well that i actually never bring a mouse. Never!

It is impossible to work with integrated touchpads and i'm starting to the feel doom and terror creep up on me, because all and i do mean freeekin' ALL have taken this "cheap" and apparently "aesthetic" new approach to touchpads in, with such a manor, that its completely impossible to get a laptop without it.


1: Am i the only "professional" and/or travelling geekazoid who has an issue with these damned touchpads?

2: I know that pc-makers really wanna go for the "macbook" style in terms of visual appearance along having an easier time producing the damn thing, bubt seriously.... have they not realized that they're so focused on consumers that producers are being kicked in the balls hard with this issue?.

3: Anybody gotta a good suggestion for what i could buy?