Sexism in Tech and The Verge

Very simple post. I wonder why The Verge hasn't posted about this:

Couple of friends joking with each other. This lady overhears and decides instead of just giving them a look or turning around and saying "seriously?", she must take action, obviously seeing herself as some sort of hero. They get not only kicked out of the conference, but later one of the men gets fired from his job because she posted his picture to twitter, and now he is unemployed with 3 kids.

I get that The Verge is trying to HEAVILY push an agenda here, but seriously don't claim to be journalists if you aren't going to cover "inconvenient" stories. I am sure this will get deleted, as is The Verge's style, but don't you think it would be prudent to call out things like this that actually HARM the perception of women in the technology sphere? I can't imagine that the heavily heavily male dominated tech world is more accepting of women after reading an article where two friends can't joke around without someone hearing them and then going on a crusade to not only get them kicked out of the conference, but also to identify them to the world as some sort of villain which leads to their firing. . . .and then write an unapologetic blog post about how awesome you were for taking action.

I mean, I am sure you won't post this with the same attitude I and many/most others have about it and I am sure you could spin it where Adria IS some sort of hero fighting against the evil male dominated tech world dominated by male privilege, etc, etc, etc. So why not just post something about it?