Build the ultimate student (graduate) setup!

So in a few months I will be moving along to Law School (yay), and while I am extremely excited - I have a lot to do before I am ready. Currently designing a guest house for myself which will be built in the summer, and I also have a summer course to take for Law, as well as finding a new car and creating a schedule for both school and work that works.... yea, its a lot.

So I need help! Help designing the best system in terms of portability, power, and workflow.

While I currently have a 2011 iMac, and a Android phone (no tablet) - I do not plan on keeping either for next year. I am kinda OCD in that a fresh start (graduate school) should be fresh start in every way possible. So Literally I want to build this system from the ground up.

Be as specific as you like. I am literally building from the ground up. I could even use a Router recommendation.

Tell me what phone you would get, what tablet or laptop, and what desktop.

Tell me the software you would use, and how you would use it - and how it helps the workflow

How would you share information (such as spreadsheets, PDFS, Notes, and assignments) between devices.

Name some great apps (iOS or Android or OSX) that you really like for taking notes, or which you feel helps the poweruser.

Budget: $2500 - Though I am hoping to stay well below this.

I really am system agnostic - and I hope you guys are as well. Arguments pro XXX just because it is XXX are really useless to me. Tell me why XXX is the best, but using reasons ABC.

If you have a system of workflow that you currently you use and think works well - SHARE IT! :)

If you think you can build the ultimate system - SHARE IT! :)

If you just wanna troll..... DON'T! :)

Full disclosure - I am posting this in Microsoft Tribe as well. I think it will be very interesting to see how the responses compare.

Lets go!