Social Gaming On Android

Good to see the moderators active here........... with that here i am re-posting with out any external links.

Social gaming on Android

I believe Social Gaming is one of the area where Android need a lot of changes/improvement.With company like google it should not be big deal.

Comparing with the competing platforms

Android has……

-Availability of social games,most of them are multi platform and can be played with friends on other OS.
-Multiple markets selling apps and games.
-Large user base,which is must for any social activity.
-Most important has gaming consoles running it.

Android is missing

-Common platform/framework to games to plugin for users to find friends,compete and challenge
-Service similar to Game Center ,Xbox live to discover games.
-Common API for game developers to implement ranking etc.

I really wish google to come up with something which has best of Gamestore and Xbox live and bring both pro and rookie players to Android…..