Plan on getting a Macbook Air soon

There is an unfortunate story of my Macbook Pro getting stolen last September. I won't get into details but I recommend everyone that has a laptop to use Prey Project and to never remote lock a Macbook through iCloud. Locking the Macbook prevents the OS from fully booting and letting Prey take screenshots and webcam photos (much more than find my iGadget does). Worst of all it alerts the thief you have tracking on it.

I'm a CS student about to graduate. I had an Apple developer account but it will expire sometime this month. I do plan to use it for Xcode development in the future. I will also use it for Android development. I was hoping there would a refresh of the lineup, making 8GB standard. Now it seems the current rumors are July with a Retina display. I don't think the Retina display will happen but don't want 1/3 or half my processing power going to the screen. I will be buying the 13", 128GB SSD, configured with 8GB of memory.

Just looking for any suggestions. I have a desktop PC built for gaming, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10. I just fell in love with the trackpad on my Macbook Pro and a few other features of OSX. (like having a real shell)