The new top 3 best (and fresh) 'alternative' apps for Windows Phone right now.

We all know that Windows Phone platform lacks some great "Official App" to do or connect to all kinds of stuff, services, or social networks. But developers (even the hardware maker itself, I mean "one") help make it better everyday.

Here's what I think is the best "Top 3" alternative apps on the Windows Phone platform.

#1 Blueprints

by José H. Arriaga


Blueprints is a beautiful Tumblr client that is actually works. The developer captivated all the "Modern Style" design into the heart and soul of the app, you can also pin the "quick post" tile to the start screen, it managed to load the feed nicely without eating up all of the phone's memory by splitting the feed into multiple pages, and the animated post displayed smoothly. The app currently rated at 4 1/2 Stars and it is free to try, the trial lets you do everything except post, that's $0.99. (Blueprints on Windows Phone Store)

#2 Ciel

by Volevi Fotografia


Ciel is a spinoff from their original photo collaging "VOLET" app (they have recently partnered with Aviary on their launch of the VOLET on Windows 8), Ciel is inspired heavily from iOS's very popular title "Instaplace" & "Instaweather". The process is simple, the app let you choose the weather or place template, then the app will locate you and the weather data - then you'll have your scenery overlaid with the weather forecast and the place name. The app currently rated at 5 Stars, and it is free. (Ciel on Windows Phone Store)

#3 #2Instawithlove

by Nokia


No, this is not the best app, but it is the best (or only?) way to "beg" for Instagram, I know lots of people doesn't use Instagram, but loads of people all around the world. For example, in Thailand, there are the "BlackBerry Phenomenon", where people 'follow' celebrities - wanted to be and do the same thing that they do, and celebrities use and post on Instagram, basically people wants to follow their favorite "Celebrity/Instagrammer" too, but after they got into Instagram, they've found something new, something inspirational and creative - and that's the great thing to look at in a social network, unlike the ad-crowded Instagram's Parent Company. You simply cannot sell a phone that won't let them (the people who've used Instagram before) post on Instagram, So here we are, the user, the phone maker, are begging for one app with a huge ego. Let's see how will this go - or else Nokia can stop begging and change the name of this app, and make it a freakin' good social-photo sharing network, exclusively for Windows Phone. Of course it is free. (#2Instawithlove on Windows Phone)

I know there are loads of "BEST ALTERNATIVE" app that I didn't mention here, some of them are

"Speedo Plus" - a beautiful Modern UI-esque speedometer.

"Me" an app that let you create your own avatar, you can use your avatar as a photo stickers.

"Rowi" a Twitter app that's a fan favorite long before Twitter decided to revamp their official client by the one who penned "Metro Design" on Windows Phone 7 & Kin himself.

"Instacam" a Instagram viewer that doesn't over designed like another alternatives.

"Maluuba" a siri-inspired voice control app.

The new "Skype" is not 'alternatives' but worth mentioning, a strong Facetime contender for a video calling fans.

I know the Official Facebook sucks, and the People hub won't let the real Facebook user do their things, but I know that Nokia is working on a lot of official titles, starting with the new upcoming Foursquare.

If you guys have your favorite top apps on Windows Phone just shout out in a reply, I and this post readers will be sure to test it out!